Zimbo Twitter is all over #JobsZanuCreated… and it’s hilarious

Zimbabweans around the globe responded to claims by ZANU PF deputy director of information and Highfields West MP Psychology Maziwisa claims that ZANU PF has actually exceeded the 2.2 Million Jobs they promised during the 2013 election campaign.

Maziwisa claimed “We are now at the last count including the informal jobs, at over three million jobs.” explaining further “For example, you can use the word job in a sentence as follows: I gave him a job to wash my clothes. So, we have created millions of jobs in the informal sector,”

As expected Zim Twitter went off on Maziwisa spawning the hashtag #JobsZanuCreated Here are some of the best tweets so far



Some took a more serious tone

Referenced the brain drain….


But True to form humour prevailed

Unitl the final declaration

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