Zimbabweans Defend Vote Legal Costs

Over the past few months we have watched Zimbabwe campaign and go to the polls in that fleeting moment of hope during which we all get to believe that another Zimbabwe is possible. Once again many of us have been disappointed not just by the “result” but by the conduct of the election and the blatant misconduct of the constitutional court. It seems for all of our education Zimbabweans can’t count.

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge our 6 brothers and sisters who died at the hands of the military for exercising their freedom of speech. No one should ever negate your families loss for political expediency. And to those to try to excuse it away; shame on you!

Fam, especially those of us who get to live abroad enjoying democracy and efficiently run economies, this is just a quick note to say it is not enough to just hope or to post a few lines on Twitter or Face book. It damn sure is not right to say that Africa just is what it is when we, Africans don’t stand up and be counted.

Love him or hate him Nelson Chamisa and the MDC Alliance stood up. They did not do it alone or just with the MDC but they stood up front and centre risking life and limb for us all against what is effectively a military regime in Zim. Love them or hate them they ensured that there is still some element of due process in Zim and that hypocrisy, corruption and propensity to violence of the Junta was exposed for the world to see.

For their trouble they had a legit case against the corruption of the electoral system in Zim dismissed with costs and these costs have to be met.

If you have read this far you care enough for me to hope that you care about democracy, due process and the cause of freedom. The ask is a simple one, a few dollars to help meet those legal costs so that we as Zimbabweans and Africans can go again as soon as tomorrow. A better Zimbabwe and Africa is possible.


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